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Well Woman Yoga Diploma Course with Françoise Freedman

Specialize in the health and wellbeing of women from conception through their unique life-cycles. Learn to teach using a set of classic and adapted yoga practices.

Many women need yoga that is specifically aimed for women during crisis or changes during certain life stages. (think: reproductive disorders, fertility issues, chronic conditions, post-surgery recovery, peri-menopause symptoms). Women often suffer with all sorts of ailments that are not addressed in normal health care in a holistic way, both before and after having children.

The Well Woman approach empowers women to actively take charge of their wellbeing with body-based therapeutic tools that are simple and very effective. Created by internationally recognized leader, author, anthropologist, yoga teacher and therapist founder of the Birthlight Institute: Françoise Freedman. The Well Woman set of classic and adapted yoga practices was developed with women for women.

This six day course focus is on therapeutic applications of yoga to women’s reproductive health. You will learn to work with women who are experiencing discomforts that are not so serious to warrant medical treatment, but may compromise a women’s quality of life. These issues can be effectively addressed with a yoga therapy approach, including often optimizing pelvic tone, exploring psychological or mental roots of conditions and teaching deep relaxation.

Well Woman yoga complements any pregnancy yoga program you already offer. These classes will address the needs of women that cannot be met fully in general classes.

Practices taught on the course carefully integrate the work of Eastern and Western healers and teachers, with references to classic yoga texts. Recent developments in somatic healing movement and yoga therapy are included. Some of the practices taught on this course are part of the Amazonian shamanic tradition.

This diploma course is taught in 2 parts: Part 1 is the Foundation Course and Part 2 completes the Diploma.

Part 1: 25-28 November 2017
Part 2: 3-4 May 2018

Prices: €1075
Early bird €995 (when paid in full before 25 September)

Location: Yoga Moves


25 - 28 nov '17


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